Media Tray Innovation 2004

Xplot-MAC invented an ultra light all-aluminum HEATED VACUUM MEDIA TRAY (HVMT) for wide and/or large format inkjet printer use.

These Media Trays can carry a 20kg load, hold it down with adequate vacuum, heat it up and transport it with extreme accuracy through 64" or 1626 mm wide flatbed printers that have a specified max. media height of >= 25 mm.

Most Roll-to-roll printers can be upgraded with removable media tables to support both flatbed media and roll printing. The HVMT will hold down and pre-heat media to guarantee the best possible printing quality with the media type used.

Therefore, printing with regular solvent inks enables commercial application of permanent and scratch proof graphics to all kinds of substrates other than paper. Some examples are translucent and retroreflective RoadSigns of PC, Billboards of EPS, Forex, Metal and Aluminum extrusions, MDF interior as well as exterior quality, Ceramics, Lexan, glass objects, cloth and even leather.

HVMT's are custom made-to-size depending on printer make and model used.

Custom trays can be ordered to size within the range of 1400 x 600 mm up to 3550 x 1960 mm.

Standard tray sizes such as 2000 x 900 mm, 2500 x 1250 mm and 3000 x 1500 mm will be available soon with an interesting price/delivery advantage.




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