March 2007: Wide and Large Gantry News

The massive Xplot-8000 Gantry for Wide and Large Flat Bed machines already had unique options like double or quad Y/Z-axes and Tools.

Common European roadsign standards are to be expected soon.
Therefore it was time to add a "users choice" of integrated 4, 6 or 12-color print heads.

Equiped with 8 heads operating simultaneously the output capacity tops at > 90 m2/hour for high quality color mode printing over a net flat bed area of 8.1 x 3.1 meters.

Besides Cutting and Routing extremely large parts they now can be pre-heated on an easily removable heated vacuum table-top and (solvent) printed in near photo quality.

For translucent printing (High Grade Retro-Reflective Road Signs / Polycarbonate Excel / Lexan Billboards), special UV-inks, lamps and print heads are available as an option too.

Check our Xplot-8000 pages for more details.



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