August-2009: Preview of VMware Workstation

CNC-operators having Xplot-machines can use either WINDOWS, MAC or LINUX workstations for their daily production.
This month however, computer and Operating System differences have another meaning alltogether!

Virtual Machine applications have been around since 2004 and Xplot-M.A.C. has promoted them ever since.
This lead to an exiting new workstation concept, in which even a "dated" CPU is capable of simulating various Operating Systems SIMULTANEOUSLY.

Manufacturers welcome the use of AutoCODE on their MAC and Linux workstations, (re)using their original (licensed) Windows-98SE up to Server-2008!

The status as per August 2009:
AutoCAD-2010 works flawlessly in VMware Player in combination with Windows-XP-2009 Performance edition. Even pre-2006 AutoCAD-versions install without problems when you use legal (purchased) AutoDesk media and licenses.
The AutoDESK Inventor products are performing adequately fast enough for training and data-exchange purposes.
Low-cost AMD QUAD-CORE processors, Intel i7's and 2Gb memory modules now bring Virtual Workstations in reach for CAD/CAM professionals!

AutoCAD and Inventor are trademarks of AutoDESK corporation.
AutoCODE is a trademark of Kramer Consulting.
***Jan-2010: AutoCode is no longer available***


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