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Electronic and Mechanical Parts

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of electronic or mechanical part, tools or assembly.

  • CNC-Controllers

    State-of-the-art versions as well as a bit of history. Slo-Syn (Superior Electric) NC's on our earliest machines in the 1960's. Mini Computers of the 1970's and DSP's of today. It's all there...

  • Cutters

    (tangentially) controlled knife or blade CUTTERS for cutting various materials.

  • Diemaker Tools

    come as a complete set for (proto) cardboard box making.

  • Drive Electronics

    Micro-Stepper or SERVO Drives in various power, torque and voltage versions. Miniature High Voltage and High Power, High Voltage versions available...

  • FFPE

    An universal Free Floating Piston Engine (FFPE, or STELZER-MOTOR, named after its inventor) is available now to retrofit Ingersoll Rand and other brands of high pressure converters in WaterJet Cutt...

  • Gantries

    the main moving part, usually in the X-axis direction

  • 5-Axes Options

    as universal robotic add-on tool. Additional B & C axes can be installed to most of our larger gantries.

  • Plotting

    on film, plywood or paper.

  • Reductors

    are used as a "gear box" between a drive motor and pinion/leadscrew mechanics, to boost torque and resolution.

  • Remote Control

    Human Machine Interfaces for jogging, indexing and on/off line selection while not at the PC's keyboard.

  • Roll Feed

    tools advance film or vinyl materials fully automatically after each cutting job.

  • Routers

    for (high speed) milling in Alu, MDF or plywood, professional as well as low cost solutions.

  • Slides

    and rails guiding the mechanics, each with specific precision/costs advantage.

  • Tables

    main constructions in Alu, Steel or Stainless Steel to support multi axis gantries and (heavy weight) workpieces...

  • Vacuum Parts

    to fix workpieces while maintaining quick material exchange. Requires a vacuum table top and pump.