Flags and Banners


In the early Eighties computers for small businesses were a rare commodity.
CAD and CAM were not available except for multi national corporations like Boeing or car manufacturers.
Our mini-computers and cutter-plotters were initially manufactured for those businesses.

We therefore developed our first Computer Aided platform, the "Computer Carton" system, a system that also small businesses could afford.

The real breakthrough came with our Xplot-1500 turnkey solution for Screen Printers. This turnkey system, designated "Electronic Darkroom" was the first TRUE DIGITAL system, custom designed for silk screen printers / sign makers / flags and banners manufacturers.


Our Screen Printers Turnkey system includes


Flags & Banners

manufacturers were first to benefit from this revolutionary development. While regular film costed a fortune (silver) they moved on to red-film or Ulano, which was mechanically cut and peeled, thus obtaining sharp contours no matter what the enlargement of a logo was.

Meanwhile the savings on regular film costs paid back all investments in soft- and hardware within just a few months.

Many early Xplot-1500's still are the the standard screenmakers' tool used every day. When highest precision is needed, the ridged and accurately machined steel-frame Xplot-1500 is still the very best choice readily available on the market.
For less demanding applications our Xplot-1600 has proven to be an interesting and cost effective replacement.


Rigid Machine

frames are welded, heat treated and machined to adopt linear slides and racks with highest precision.


Powder Coat Finishing

of the machine frames is according to users choice:
- Standard Steel Frame
- Powder Coated in RAL color of your choice
- Stainless Steel, satin glass blasted finish


Screen Printer & Die-maker Tools

Ulano / Red Film / Card Board Cutter

Xplot-1500 Computer Carton Turnkey System