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Turnkey Projects

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of application / field you like to explore.

  • Civil Eng.

    Reports about Dutch Contractors' accomplishments

  • Dispensing

    is accurate positioning and delivering droplets of medical samples, paint, glue and gasket materials by EMC2-compatible Xplot.

  • Die making

    , design and proto-typing turnkey system with special, EMC2-compatible tools for packaging (carton) designers, printers etc.

  • Flags and Banners

    are produced with large size silkscreens without film and darkroom now. Line-master turnkey system now includes a tangentially controlled (Ulano) cutting Xplot-machine.

  • Gasket Design

    and proto typing plus one-of production without expensive tooling

  • Grouter

    Revolution in Concrete Building is coming up. See videos and pictures below for a sneak preview of our EMC2-compatible Xplot-Grouter project.

  • Laser Cutting

    is the ultimate non-contact cutting methode. Nowadays affordable due to lifetime-filled lasers and EMC2-compatible personal XPLOT-machines.

  • Milling

    applications of non-ferro materials on EMC2-compatible Xplot-machines.

  • Road Signs

    manufacturing throughout Europe is automated by M.A.C. Turnkey systems with customized EMC2-compatible Xplot-machines and tooling.

  • Routing

    in plywood, steel and aluminum plus lately, Styrofoam for mold-makers

  • Sign Making

    Turnkey Systems with Xplot-machines handle any material used in advertising and promotional businesses.

  • WaterJET

    cuts whatever you can't cut by Laser or Plasma torch. It cuts with (abrasive and) Water. Marble, Glass, Lexan, Stainless Steel, Alu etc.

  • Plasma Cutting

    Need for SPEED? Low Cost automation with Xplot-machines and D.I.Y. packages.