XPLOT-1001 Split-Axis Frame constructed in Steel with optional coolant basin inserted between machine base frame and X/Y/Z table. The Split-Axis version of this machine has a stationary Gantry and a table that positions in the Y-axis direction.
Low cost Hitachi Grinder Spindle here used for cost effective production routing on XPLOT-3000 gantry gear box parts. Capacity is sufficient for router bits with 10 mm shank for Aluminum ST52 milling up to 20 mm.
XPLOT-3000 Gantry Drive Block as processed on XPLOT-1000 Steel version.
production routing on XPLOT-1001 enables aerospace style machining and gluing of all parts of these 4 gantry gear boxes in just a couple of hours.
...of which one box is visible here at the far left side, supporting the heavy duty Gantry-2 of an Xplot-3000 machine. The Hitachi Grinder Spindle, here in red color, is also used on larger machines like this Xplot-3000.
Stainless Steel XPLOT-1000 machine base frame with machined surfaces for mounting CNC linear guides and Gantry.
Stainless Steel Split-Axis Gantry of XPLOT-1000 with machined mounting surfaces for guides and base frame.
Assembled base frame and Gantry with precision CNC guides and linear bearings.
As an option, T-slot machined surface profiles may be ordered with the XPLOT-1004 ( extended Xplot-1000 frame). All surfaces are machined for flatness <= 0.025 mm.
Machined and extended base frame. The FLATBED XPLOT-1004 uses a Dual Axis Drive Gantry which moves over a stationary table.
Installed T-slot profiles extend over the edges of the base frame ...
...to enable linear guides and racks to be mounted underneath table surface.
Stainless Steel XPLOT-1004 nearing completion. Shown on Dual X-drive Gantry are optional black bellows for additional protection of mechanics when routing metals.