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XPLOT-DIY gantry parts-kit...

assemble your own Universal 5-Axes CNC Machine for heavy duty routing, cutting, milling, drilling, dispensing, sample making, printing, plotting etc. Most parts are stock items which are also sold separately as "pre-cut" or "profesionally finished ready-to-assemble" components.

As standard, all this comes with the DIY-Gantry!

  • up to 5-axes (X1,X2,Y,Z,C) drives and motors 160Ncm (optional 320Ncm)
  • C-axis wiring pre-installed for optional tangential axis
  • High Resolution Micro stepper drives on all axes
  • Stall Guard, encoderless monitor on all axes
  • X/Y/Z resolution ~ 0.01 mm / increment
  • X/Y-feedrate ~ 20m/min (optional 60m/sec.)
  • Z-feedrate, max. 6m/min
  • C-feedrate - with optional tangential-axis - max. 3600 degrees/sec
  • Y-axis nett travel 1280 - 3200 mm, depending on extrusions/racks/slides lengths ordered
  • Z-axis nett travel 100 - 400 mm, depending on extrusions/spindle/slides lengths ordered
  • Limit switches on all axes and directions
  • Ready to run VMware Player image with Xplot-Pro V4.0 tools and utilities
  • fully EMC2 (CNC for Linux) compatible

A complete set of parts for one XPLOT-DIY Gantry

can be ordered here.

Individual parts, prefab or completely finished...

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No D.I.Y. ambitions?

Completely Assembled Gantries are available within 4-8 weeks, depending on options ordered.

As an alternative, our Personal Xplot-machine offers a CNC-starter package (gantry plus high-quality all-aluminum table) completely assembled and tested.