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Personal Xplot-machine

The Personal XPLOT-Machine

Your personal solution for the missing link between PC, Prototyping and Production.

These are some of the key features

  • Versatile, designed for routing, tangentially controlled cutting and plotting
  • Heavy-duty with CNC-precision linear guides and 5-axes high power drives
  • Fast cutting and plotting up to 1.200 mm/sec.
  • High resolution / precision with 0.0025 mm increments
  • Durability with all aluminum construction (optional stainless steel construction ) designed for 25 years lifespan minimum
  • Attractive prices for professional as well as private use
  • O.E.M. versions available

Well proven features that made it the work horse in Sign Making, Road Sign, Civil Engineering, Screen Printing, Interior and Yacht Building Industry. Early machines, in operation since 1967, are mostly upgraded three or more times by now. Many upgrades were intended solely to replace bulky computers and/or obsolete drives. Others choose to install more drive power and efficiency as standard with new CNC-electronics.
Mechanics however, never demanded a redesign. As is they are easy to maintain without special skills or tools.
That's why even oldtimers are still operational every day, well beyond the point of both the economically and technically expected lifespan.

This left us with a major problem; used or traded in machines are hard to get.
Another reason for us to develop the Personal Xplot.

Personal What?

  • Ever thought about personal computers in the seventies? No way the general public could afford it! Nowadays computers are standard and a low-cost issue, very much controlling our way of working, thinking, designing and producing things.
  • How about your personal Xplot-machine personal Xplot-machine as a router, water-, laser-, plasmacutter, cutter plotter or do-almost-anything-CNC-machine? Not in ten years, nor in your dreams, but right NOW!